iTrustCapital® - login* - Accessing Your Digital Asset


Investing in precious metals has been a time-tested strategy for wealth preservation and portfolio diversification. With advancements in technology, individuals now have the opportunity to invest in these assets conveniently through online platforms. iTrustCapital is a leading financial technology company that allows investors to buy and sell precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum within their retirement accounts. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to log in to your iTrustCapital account, enabling you to access a world of opportunities in the precious metals market.

Step-by-Step Guide to iTrustCapital Login:

Step 1: Accessing the iTrustCapital Website:

To begin, open your preferred web browser and enter the iTrustCapital website URL in the address bar:

Step 2: Navigating to the Login Page:

Once the iTrustCapital website loads, locate the “Login” button at the top-right corner of the homepage. Click on it to proceed to the login page.

Step 3: Entering Your Credentials:

On the login page, you will be prompted to enter your iTrustCapital account credentials. These typically include your registered email address and password. Carefully input the required information in the designated fields.

Step 4: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

For enhanced security, iTrustCapital employs two-factor authentication. After entering your credentials, you may be required to provide a second form of verification, such as a unique code sent to your registered email or mobile device. Follow the instructions provided to complete the 2FA process.

Step 5: Accessing Your iTrustCapital Account:

Upon successful verification, you will be directed to your iTrustCapital account dashboard. Here, you can explore various features and functionalities, including viewing your precious metal holdings, checking account balances, making trades, and monitoring market trends.

Additional Tips and Troubleshooting:

  1. Forgotten Password:
    If you have forgotten your iTrustCapital account password, you can click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. Follow the instructions to reset your password securely.
  2. Account Activation:
    If you are a new user, you need to activate your iTrustCapital Login account before logging in. Look for an activation email from iTrustCapital in your registered inbox and follow the provided instructions.
  3. Support and Assistance:
    Should you encounter any difficulties during the login process or require further assistance, iTrustCapital offers customer support services. You can reach out to their support team via email or phone for prompt resolution of any issues.



While iTrustCapital offers numerous benefits for investors interested in precious metal investments, it’s essential to consider some potential drawbacks and limitations associated with the platform. Here are a few cons of iTrustCapital to keep in mind:

  1. Limited Investment Options: iTrustCapital focuses primarily on precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum. While these assets can be valuable for diversification, the platform’s limited investment options may not cater to investors seeking a broader range of assets or alternative investment opportunities.
  2. Exclusive to Retirement Accounts: iTrustCapital specializes in facilitating investments through tax-advantaged retirement accounts, including Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and 401(k)s. If you are looking to invest outside of these retirement accounts, iTrustCapital may not be the ideal platform for your needs.
  3. Minimum Investment Requirement: iTrustCapital imposes a minimum investment requirement, which may be a deterrent for individuals with limited funds or those looking to start with smaller investment amounts. This minimum investment threshold may restrict accessibility for certain investors.
  4. Custodial Fees: While iTrustCapital offers competitive fees, it’s important to note that the platform charges custodial fees for managing retirement accounts. These fees can vary depending on the account type and the value of the assets held. Investors should carefully review and understand the fee structure to assess the impact on their investment returns.
  5. Market Volatility Risk: Like any investment in precious metals, iTrustCapital investments are subject to market volatility and price fluctuations. The value of precious metals can rise or fall based on various economic factors, and investors should be prepared for potential price volatility and the associated risks.
  6. Lack of Personalized Financial Advice: iTrustCapital provides a platform for self-directed investing, which means investors are responsible for their investment decisions without direct personalized financial advice. While the platform offers educational resources, market insights, and tools, investors should have a solid understanding of the precious metals market and conduct their own research to make informed investment choices.
  7. Customer Support: Some users have reported occasional delays or issues with iTrustCapital’s customer support. While the platform offers customer support services, the responsiveness and quality of support may vary, and users may experience challenges when seeking assistance or resolving account-related queries.

While iTrustCapital offers significant advantages for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals within tax-advantaged retirement accounts, it’s crucial to consider the limitations and potential drawbacks mentioned above. As with any investment platform, it’s important to conduct thorough research, assess your investment goals, and evaluate whether iTrustCapital aligns with your specific needs and preferences before making investment decisions.


Investing in precious metals has never been easier, thanks to platforms like iTrustCapital. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you should now be able to log in to your iTrustCapital account seamlessly. Remember to keep your account credentials secure and make use of the various features available to make informed investment decisions in the ever-changing precious metals market. Happy investing!